There are six basic ways to accumulate educational units: Qualifying Educational Programs, Online Education, Continuing Education Courses, Reading pertinent articles/ books, New “Ideas”, and Attending Clinics

  1. ASCA Approved Qualifying Educational Programs:
    • ASCA will provide 3 units of education credit for every GO SWIM Video watched. AND 8 units for every ASCA talk video which averages an hour each. To receive these credits please submit 5-10 ideas for each video watched. To Learn more about our GoSwim Partnership, Click Here
    • Swim Angelfish Online Certification Program for Adaptive Swim: Completion of the program receives 12 units of credit. To Learn More about this program Click Here
    • USA Swimming Regional Coaches Clinics: Attendance receives 15 units of credit. For more information Click Here
    • WOWSA Open Water Coaches Education Program: comprehensive Open Water Swimming Coaches Education Program for pool swimming coaches, triathlete coaches, masters swimming coaches, fitness coaches and endurance sports coaches and multi-sport coaches. Click Here
  2. ASCA Online Education: Our most convenient method for obtaining continuing education credits is through our Online Education courses. Our wide selection of online videos includes clinic presentations, home study, instructional videos, real-time workout videos, and more! Simply visit our Online Ed store and gain immediate access. Submit 15 ideas and receive up to 10 units of credit per video viewed.
  3. Continuing Education Courses: ASCA currently has Continuing Education Courses both digitally and book versions. Submit the test for 10 to 12 units of continuing education. If there is no test, submit 20 ideas you gathered from the material to receive your units. For a list of home study courses visit our online catalog at
  4. Readings: Receive continuing education units you can submit new ideas that you took from reading an issue of the ASCA Newsletter, ASCA Magazine, or any other coaching article, anywhere, anytime.
  5. New Ideas: What’s an idea? It might be something you saw or read or it might be something the experience inspired you to remember from the past or it might be something the reading inspired you to dream up. Coming up with ideas is what a professional does!
  6. Clinics: Attend any coaching clinic and you can receive credit. For swim coaches clinics you can also receive credit if the subject matter is related to coaching or the business of coaching. So let us know you attended!

In all Certification cases, the coach is responsible for notifying ASCA of any updates they may want reviewed. Please remember everything in your certification file originates from you! You do not automatically receive credits.

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