The Journal of Swimming Research (JSR) will no longer be accepting new manuscript submissions.

Alternate Journal

As an alternative, the American Swimming Coaches' Association, (ASCA), which has hosted the Journal for the past 40 years will invite papers to be submitted to the on-going publication, American Swimming. The focus of these manuscripts must relate closely to swimming coaching and be written in a format suitable for the membership of ASCA. American Swimming is available to the membership of ASCA only. However, authors of papers that are accepted for publication will be provided a digital copy of the issue containing their paper, which they will then be able to disseminate without restrictions.

Past Issues of JSR.

ASCA will to host all past issues of JSR and continue to make access to them open to the public.

Journal of Swimming Research - Fall 2021 Issue

Volume 28:1, Fall 2021

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • Exploring Coaches' Thoughts on Their Health and Well-being

    Krista M. Kezbers, Rachel Nichols, Dana Thomas, Auston Stiefer

    The role of the Coach-Athlete Relationship in World-Class Coaching Success

    Earl Mc Carthy

    The Effect of 12-Week of Pyramidal and Polarized Training Intensity Distribution in National Elite Adolescent Swimmers

    Juan Jaime Arroyo-Toledo, Andrew D. Sortwell Vicente Javier Clemente-Suarez

    Does Pull-Up Grip Performance Influence Sprint Times in High School Female Swimmers?

    Jordan Kruse, Andrew Shim, Vicky Morgan, Kyle Ryan